Paper Flower Centerpieces

November 9, 2009 at 6:59 pm Leave a comment

We got this idea from a photo in our first post, but Erin put a new spin on it using burlap & pine cones. We needed a total of 10 centerpieces for the Thanksgiving Meal, so we got to play with a variety of shapes & sizes.

You’ll Need: Colored paper, vases, fabrics, twigs, pinecones, acorns

inspiration flowers

The basics are to cut a spiral out of your chosen paper, twist it into a flower shape, & stick it on a twig.

step 1 and 2

After a couple of hours cutting & swirling these spirals we learned a few things:

  • Swirling the flowers too tight will look like you did it wrong. You have to let go & let it take the shape it does naturally (there’s a life-lesson in that!)
  • Staring at spirals that long WILL make you a little loopy
  • Fat spirals with only a few layers work best
  • A dab of glue or double-sided tape at the end of your spiral once you’ve got it to the shape you want will hold your whole flower in place

flowers and vase

Decorating the vases are a cinch compared to getting the hang of the flowers swirls. We chose fabrics like burlap, tweeds, & wool in various shades to belt the vases with with a finishing of ribbon or twine. Shabby chic is the name of the game so frayed edges &  those fabrics you would never put anywhere else are perfect.

step 3-5


We sewed these fabrics on since they’re pretty thick & sturdy. Depending on the shape of your vase (if it’s wide at the top & thin in the middle) you’ll need to sew the belt while it’s in place using a whip stitch. If you’re vase has no curves you can just measure & use any stitching you like.


We like varying shades of the same hue. (shades of reds together, creams with tans, oranges together) Play with your fabric & flower combinations. We like grey wool with yellow flowers. Get creative.


Play. Add or remove sticks, pinecones, flowers until you have a look you like. There is no “wrong”. That’s it!


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