Baby Shower Gift

January 5, 2010 at 2:59 pm Leave a comment

Hi! This is Amy today! I’m sharing one of my recent craft projects. I hope you enjoy it! If you have any questions, just leave Glitter Blessings a message!

I was invited to a lovely lady’s baby shower. Unfortunately, I wasn’t able to attend, but I was able to mix a little craft-blog idea with a little of my own creativity to make a cute, handcrafted gift I’m sure she won’t receive doubles of, registry or not!

Here are all the pieces.

The bow: inspiration –> here at How About Orange; my creative touch –> I didn’t have any magazines I really wanted to use, so I used wrapping paper. I had a roll that was at the end, with not enough to wrap with but too much to toss away, so I cut my strips from there. I then used a pink sharpie to write on the shiny side of the paper for an extra personal touch, which included phrases such as “Mom ♥ baby” and their names.

The bracelets: They are almost matching mommy-baby bracelets/anklets. Mom-to-be will hopefully get lots of use out of hers, however, when baby comes along, she won’t be able to wear her anklet/bracelet unless she’s being carefully supervised because babies can turn anything into choking hazards. This might just be the most useless gift mom gets from the baby shower! But it might also be the cutest, too! I’d like to say the idea was all my own creativity, but Brandon helped some, too!

The magnets: the inspiration –> here at Not Martha; my creative touch –> well, there really wasn’t one. I just used pictures I thought she’d like and a different 3-in-1 clear craft glue; my creative thinking –> those little buggers grow up so fast then they start making artwork for mommy and daddy and bringing home A+ papers. Mom will surely need something to hang them with!

The box: the inspiration –> seeing many blocks on baby websites; my creative touch –> make a box to look like a block from cardstock, complete with baby’s initial, stars, and glitter. Inside, I placed the magnets.

The card: I didn’t have any website inspiration from this. I thought of the idea on accident. Children like stories, stories have words, cards have words, so why not make a storybook card? All I did was cut two rectangles from cardstock, stack them, fold them in half, staple the seam, and cut 2 pieces of white ribbon to be the “binding.” Then, I wrote on it with pens and markers.  It sounded neater in my head than it actually turned out, but that’s okay.

And here’s the finished product.

I think she liked it, and I hope you liked reading about it because I know I enjoyed making it! 🙂


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