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Snowflake Cards

Samantha’s Snowflakes Guest Blog: (with notes from Lauren. Hi!)

Last year a couple of my friends and I decided to make homemade cards for Christmas since we were all a little strapped on money and we’re rather crafty. I liked doing it so much that I decided to make them cards again this year! (Ok I know Christmas is over, but Sam didn’t give me the card until Christmas… so by the time I squealed “You have to post this on our blog!” & she had a chance to write it, it’s a little late. Deal with it. 🙂 It still snows in January!)

First I made the snowflakes that I found patterns from on Hobby Loco and used their snowflake patterns 2, 3, and 4 under the crochet link. I also found a few on Martha Stewart. After I made six (three for each card), it was time to make the card. (Why didn’t I take pictures of the full card?! I was so excited about the details of these intricate snowflakes… just use your imagination?)

(If you didn’t catch it from the websites, after you stitch the flakes they get dipped in glue to harden & hold their shape.)

I’ve made loads of my own wedding invitations, so I had a few hundred pages of cardstock ready to go. I chose white, because it was close at hand, but I’d recommend using color if you don’t feel like coloring.  After coloring the paper, I cut it down to fit on top of the card with about 1/4″ of the white card stock showing as a frame and stuck it down with scrapbooking tape (or double sided tape). I would have used glue, but I already had the tape.

Do you notice a trend here? I use what I have on hand. Just call me the Cheap Crafter or Thrifty Threader  if you’d like. Ha. Back to the craft…so I used some crochet thread to help fasten the snowflakes to the front by literally sewing them on.  The bigger snowflakes needed to be attached in two places, but the others only one.

Each was tied down with a tiny bow that you can be seen on the other side. At first that wasn’t what I wanted, but then realized it made it easy for the recievers to see where to cut off the snowflakes. In the inside I wrote at the bottom left *Detach snowflakes to use as a Christmas decoration!* (Sam clearly doesn’t have much faith in us)

I continued to decorate the front with “Let It Snow,” written all over with little stars (*) all over the place in a silver Sharpie to go along with the icy cold theme.  I hope they both enjoyed them as much as I enjoyed making them. (We did.) I think next year I might make more for family and friends so they can have a touch of snow in the mail.


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