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Sharing the Love

This isn’t our craft or idea… but it’s adorable & I love to share when I find something good. Everyone, let me introduce you to Tia.

She writes my favorite blog: Christopher & Tia.  I can’t speak on behalf of all the Glitter Blessings crew on this one, but personally I have a crush on Tia’s life. You might too, so proceed with caution if you’re prone to online addictions.  She loves tattoos, shops at Goodwill, buys handmade goodies, is a military wife & mom, has the most adorable family, and can still pull off a monroe piercing. Amazing. I first found Tia on facebook when she posted about finishing the C25K running plan (the same running plan I’m on! Week 5 & going strong.) & I’ve been hooked ever since.

And the best part…. she crafts with glitter. Some of us only dream about glitter crafts, but Tia faces the mess head-on. So brave. So inspiring. So against the rules of crafting in a coffee shop, therefore, so badass.

All these reasons are why I’m excited to share this tutorial posted on the Christopher & Tia blog.  Ladies, grab your craft aprons! I hope you love her as much as I do.

Also check out this related glitter craft.

Thanks for listening to my completely biased, shameless plug of my favorite things.

– Lauren


December 14, 2009 at 4:30 pm 1 comment

O Christmas Tree!

Every year I try to resist the trend of starting the Christmas season earlier & earlier. So sticking with traditional Black Friday as our shotgun, here’s the first Christmas post to get the season started. (confession: I created this post days ago but refused to hit ‘publish’ until today… & will now listen to nothing but holiday music for the next month)

I love fancy Christmas trees that show off your style! When I still lived with my parents, tree decorating was my assigned role & I loved to design themes instead of the traditional “whatever’s in the attic” method. Actually, I like themes for every possible occasion. Themes & team names… what? My favorite year was our candy cane tree complete with spirals of red & white lights. I won’t have a tree in my house this year, but maybe I can get you inspired for your own? Here are a few goodies I found:

These handmade ornaments were all found on Etsy. They look pretty easy to replicate & make yourself a gorgeous DIY tree. But if you prefer crafting as a spectator sport, Etsy is an online store just overflowing with handmade products for sale. Support a starving crafter. 🙂 An now for some participation…

Show Us Your Tree!

I know we’re surrounded by some fabulously creative and chic ladies, it’s time to show it off. Send us a photo of your Christmas Tree in all it’s glory. We’ll post a gallery of our friends trees to Oooh & Ahhhh over.

Photos can be sent to with “tree photos” in the subject line. Can’t wait to see what you all come up with!

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Our First Post!

We all have to start somewhere…

At our first meeting Erin shared the most amazing website which may have changed my life forever… StumbleUpon. Caution: this tool will waste hours of time & only feed your addictions. Also, Erin may stalk your favorite sites. Here are a few of my favorite stumblings that you’ll probably see again some day as a completed craft:





StumbleUpon is listed in our ‘Resources’ tab. As we continue to meet & learn about new tools from eachother, we’ll add to that page for everyone’s benefit. So keep checking back.

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