This Wednesday

We hope you’ll join us this Wednesday for our last craft night of 2009!

Consider this your invitation:

The Beehive (14th % Carson) @ 7:15pm

Bring something for a White Elephant Exchange, meaning something from around your house or hommemade. It doesn’t have to be fancy, in fact that’s the point! It’s amazing how far people will go for an old Destiny’s Child CD. (Not that I’m speaking from experience or anything…) You can also bring a craft you’re working on or help tie lots of knots on the prayer blanket we’re still in the process of finishing.

See you on Wednesday!

Merry Christmas!


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Sharing the Love

This isn’t our craft or idea… but it’s adorable & I love to share when I find something good. Everyone, let me introduce you to Tia.

She writes my favorite blog: Christopher & Tia.  I can’t speak on behalf of all the Glitter Blessings crew on this one, but personally I have a crush on Tia’s life. You might too, so proceed with caution if you’re prone to online addictions.  She loves tattoos, shops at Goodwill, buys handmade goodies, is a military wife & mom, has the most adorable family, and can still pull off a monroe piercing. Amazing. I first found Tia on facebook when she posted about finishing the C25K running plan (the same running plan I’m on! Week 5 & going strong.) & I’ve been hooked ever since.

And the best part…. she crafts with glitter. Some of us only dream about glitter crafts, but Tia faces the mess head-on. So brave. So inspiring. So against the rules of crafting in a coffee shop, therefore, so badass.

All these reasons are why I’m excited to share this tutorial posted on the Christopher & Tia blog.  Ladies, grab your craft aprons! I hope you love her as much as I do.

Also check out this related glitter craft.

Thanks for listening to my completely biased, shameless plug of my favorite things.

– Lauren

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Easy, inexpensive, useful, handmade Christmas gifts… check!

I’m making coffee cozies for friends & coworkers this year (hopefully none of whom check this blog regularly… surprise!) Whether it’s for coffe or tea, I’m sure most of us have gone through more of these than we’d like to admit:

I don’t think most people would label me in the tree-hugger category, but why waste when you don’t need to? It just makes sense. These cozies can be used over & over, so customize it to your friends’ style & make something they’ll want to hold on to.

The construction is incredibly simple. Start by grabbing fabric from around the house or hit up Goodwill like I did. You’ll need a thick material for the cozy to protect their hands from the heat & extra fabric for embellishing.

My sweater’s sleeves happened to be the perfect width, but you can also trace a cardboard cozy for the right shape & size. Since I went with the sleeve I didn’t even need to sew up the seam! I only used a few fabrics & was able to make a variety. Look around the house for buttons, beads & ribbons to add fun details.

My suggestion: Put the cozies ON coffee to-go cups so your friend understands what they are. “Thanks for the… wrist warmer?” You could even fill the cup with coffee beans or tea bags to round out the gift!

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Prayer Quilt

We can’t take credit for this one, Brenda introduced us to the idea of a prayer blanket thanks to the ladies at her church who have been doing this for years. Basically, they create a blanket for a specific person who is sick or hurting or just in need of some comfort. The beautiful part is that the time used to make the blanket is spent in prayer for that person. Once completed, the whole church prays a blessing over the blanket & the recipient.

We loved this idea immediately!

It all comes back to that “small things with great love” idea. We can’t fix someone who’s hurting, but we can give them something soft to cuddle with, pray for them, & love them. So that’s what we’ll do!  For our first ever prayer quilt we picked out a very dear friend who has been through a lot & we got to work!

The quilt took the look it did for a few reasons:

  1. We don’t all sew. Plus we’re doing this in a coffee shop. So we went with the rag quilt method.
  2. Her favorite color is blue + t shirts are cozy = blue t shirts to make the squares
  3. We loved the embroidered note paper, & we know she loves the song “It Is Well” so that will be our center patch.

A rag quilt is a really easy project but just takes some time. It’s great for families to work on because it’s easy enough for kids (& us!) to make. Cut squares of fabric, snip the edges to make a fray, & try the frays together.

We made 1 ft squares & trimmed the fray every 1″. Try to keep the number of frays even on each square so you have the same number to tie together. You can see we used patterns as well as any shade of blue shirt.

* Note: trim the fray longer than pictured, they were too short to tie

Now we’re at the tying stage, the best part. A few people will be taking the time to sit & pray while we tie hundreds of knots together. Lastly, we’ll get one large piece of fleece to be the back of the blanket, frey the edges, & tie the quilt to the backing. Then we’re finished! We’ll update with a final photo when complete.

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O Christmas Tree!

Every year I try to resist the trend of starting the Christmas season earlier & earlier. So sticking with traditional Black Friday as our shotgun, here’s the first Christmas post to get the season started. (confession: I created this post days ago but refused to hit ‘publish’ until today… & will now listen to nothing but holiday music for the next month)

I love fancy Christmas trees that show off your style! When I still lived with my parents, tree decorating was my assigned role & I loved to design themes instead of the traditional “whatever’s in the attic” method. Actually, I like themes for every possible occasion. Themes & team names… what? My favorite year was our candy cane tree complete with spirals of red & white lights. I won’t have a tree in my house this year, but maybe I can get you inspired for your own? Here are a few goodies I found:

These handmade ornaments were all found on Etsy. They look pretty easy to replicate & make yourself a gorgeous DIY tree. But if you prefer crafting as a spectator sport, Etsy is an online store just overflowing with handmade products for sale. Support a starving crafter. 🙂 An now for some participation…

Show Us Your Tree!

I know we’re surrounded by some fabulously creative and chic ladies, it’s time to show it off. Send us a photo of your Christmas Tree in all it’s glory. We’ll post a gallery of our friends trees to Oooh & Ahhhh over.

Photos can be sent to with “tree photos” in the subject line. Can’t wait to see what you all come up with!

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Gobble Gobble

This Thanksgiving Day you’re invited to join us for dinner.

Hot Metal Bridge, our home church, is hosting a free Thanksgiving meal from noon to 2pm at 2700 Jane Street (South Side, Pittsburgh). Everyone is invited & welcome, there will be plenty of food and family-friendly activities.

If you read on you’ll see how we’ve been working on centerpieces for this meal for the past 3 weeks. Some of us can’t make it to dinner because of family & travel, but we’re happy to be able to put our hands to work in some small way to serve our community & make the day beautiful. Maybe the idea of crafts as service is lost on some people, but we get it. As Mother Theresa famously said “You can do no great things, only small things with great love” and we’re big fans of Mama T. So maybe this is the smallest of the small, but we’re glad to participate.

And with much love we just want to say…

… from the Craft Ladies

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Paper Flower Centerpieces

We got this idea from a photo in our first post, but Erin put a new spin on it using burlap & pine cones. We needed a total of 10 centerpieces for the Thanksgiving Meal, so we got to play with a variety of shapes & sizes.

You’ll Need: Colored paper, vases, fabrics, twigs, pinecones, acorns

inspiration flowers

The basics are to cut a spiral out of your chosen paper, twist it into a flower shape, & stick it on a twig.

step 1 and 2

After a couple of hours cutting & swirling these spirals we learned a few things:

  • Swirling the flowers too tight will look like you did it wrong. You have to let go & let it take the shape it does naturally (there’s a life-lesson in that!)
  • Staring at spirals that long WILL make you a little loopy
  • Fat spirals with only a few layers work best
  • A dab of glue or double-sided tape at the end of your spiral once you’ve got it to the shape you want will hold your whole flower in place

flowers and vase

Decorating the vases are a cinch compared to getting the hang of the flowers swirls. We chose fabrics like burlap, tweeds, & wool in various shades to belt the vases with with a finishing of ribbon or twine. Shabby chic is the name of the game so frayed edges &  those fabrics you would never put anywhere else are perfect.

step 3-5


We sewed these fabrics on since they’re pretty thick & sturdy. Depending on the shape of your vase (if it’s wide at the top & thin in the middle) you’ll need to sew the belt while it’s in place using a whip stitch. If you’re vase has no curves you can just measure & use any stitching you like.


We like varying shades of the same hue. (shades of reds together, creams with tans, oranges together) Play with your fabric & flower combinations. We like grey wool with yellow flowers. Get creative.


Play. Add or remove sticks, pinecones, flowers until you have a look you like. There is no “wrong”. That’s it!

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